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Providing life planning workshops

Four (4) hour workshops within Australia for 10 or more people can be requested. All materials provided. These workshops are a community service and are free (only venue/catering costs need to be covered by participants).

Refer to the Event Diary for the date and location of next scheduled Workshop.

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Providing individual life-planning sessions where appropriate and where resources are available

These are normally done in two 1.5 hour sessions about 2 weeks apart. They can be either face-to-face or using Skype or FaceTime. The session includes homework to complete steps 1, 2 and 3 outside the session and updating copy of the Life Planning template.

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Providing face-to-face small group network connections and forums as places for encouragement and learning

These can be arranged when there are sufficient people in a location to make this viable. Normally this would be a bi-monthly breakfast for a small group and annual forums. More regular connections can be arranged by agreement

Refer to Event Diary for the date and location of the next scheduled Network Gathering.

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Supporting Intentional Living Network groups on LinkedIn and Facebook

This is most suited when people are more isolated.

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Providing access to a diary of events and additional resources that are available through the website


Typical members include

  • Any demographic of people who identify with the Intentional Living Network purpose and are willing to be active participants
  • Those people who have completed a Life Planning Workshop or an individual Life Planning session.
  • Those people contemplating the challenges of their current or next life-stage and interested to hear the experiences of other members of the network.


About Us:

Colin Grant

Facilitator and Network Co-ordinator

Andrew Lyon


We are supported by:

  • LightFM
    Light FM
  • Crossway Care ministry
    Crossway Baptist Church


There are no activities currently scheduled. Please check back soon for the date of the next ILN Event!


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